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with sominex sleeping tablets. parents came to pull their kids out. >> i will never picture anybody do this to any kids. >> reporter: what do you think about somebody doing this? >> sickening, sick to my stomach. i want to throw up. >> reporter: morgan hill police arrested 59-year-old debbie gratz a kiddie academy employee for the last five years on charges of felony and misdemeanor child endangerment. she was taken into custody yesterday at her hollister home where police also conducted a warrant search seizing undisclosed evidence connected with the case. police say it all started friday morning when gratz was caught in the act and later confessed to putting the sleeping aid in water cups for her classroom of 10 two-year- olds. >> the suspect was actually witnessed break a tablet and putting it into the cups. the witness then got a faculty member to come out and that's when the confrontation was made with the suspect. >> reporter: kiddie academy administrators would not speak on camera but released a statement that says, "the cups
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were confiscated before they came in contact with any children and that miss gratz was immediately terminated and the incident reported to authorities." but parents worry how long this was going on before miss gratz was caught. bianca flores has two children at the daycare and up until last week her 2-year-old was in gratz's class. she is taking him to the doctor. >> i don't know. that's why i think i don't know if it happened before. that's -- they say it was only one time. but i don't know. he does get drowsy. that's why -- and when he gets sun he gets redness so i'm going to get him checked. >> reporter: before today they had a good reputation in the community. in fact it serves about 80 kids. as for miss gratz, elizabeth, we don't know when her next court appearance is. but we are told that she is -- has been released from jail on
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her own recognizance. >> parents at the daycare told them gratz had been under stress. no motive yet. more disturbing allegations of abuse this time at a preschool in pleasanton. a former teacher is accused of tying the wrists and ankles of a 2-year-old girl with tape. it allegedly happened after the toddler refused to take a nap. church officials say nobody knew about the incident until months later. that's when the former employee showed cell phone pictures of the girl to her colleagues. one of them was the child's mother. so far, no charges have been filed. the tragic weekend car crash that killed a daly city woman and her two children was caused by a drunk driver according to the san mateo county district attorney. kpix 5's juliette goodrich was there when that suspect appeared in court. >> reporter: the suspects's blood alcohol level was .18 taken two hours after that fatal crash, twice the legal limit. and this is not the first time
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he has been arrested for drinking and driving. this is the man accused of killing a daly city mother and her two sons. >> do i have bail? >> reporter: 28-year-old dennis periera demacedo speaks portugese and requested an interpreter. he has been drunk behind the wheel before. in 2011 he was convicted of dui in santa clara. deputy d.a. joseph cannon says he was still on probation at the time of the weekend fatal crash. his broad alcohol level you said .18? >> .18 from a blood sample taken over two hours after the time of driving. his level was higher at the time of of driving. >> reporter: the suspect spent the afternoon drinking with friend before he got behind the wheel, reportedly. >> mr. demacedo was drinking at a pizza store in daly city for several hours and eating with a large group of people. he left the restaurant sometime after that around 8:00 in the evening. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office
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says he first hit an unoccupied pie and then raced away in excess of 60 miles per hour. after hitting an unoccupied car. then he hit a car pulling out of a driveway on eastmoor, killing a woman and her two teenaged sons. a girlfriend of one of the sons survived and is in the hospital in serious condition. >> we have charged him with three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. that's for each of the three victims. he has also been charged with felony dui for that fourth victim. and that's with a great bodily injury allegation which makes it a more serious offense. >> reporter: mr. demacedo lives in sunnyvale and despite being on probation for the 2011 dui conviction, allen, he does have a valid driver's license. the d.a.'s office saying today his fatal mistake was getting behind the wheel after drinking. >> juliette, why they able to tell you that dui two years
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ago, whether he injured anyone? i'm assuming not since he got his license back. >> reporter: i asked about that conviction. it was just listed as a dui. he had gone through the courses and done all the legal recourse and then i said did he have a valid driver's license after that and he did. >> all right. juliette goodrich, thank you so much. demacedo is expected back in court by the way thursday. he will be formally charged them. a bay area congresswoman wants to know why the army dropped rape charges against santa cruz cop killer jeremy goulet. representative jackie speier wants a capitol hill hearing on the deal that ended in a less than honorable discharge. she says if he had gone to jail the two police detectives he shot and killed last month might still be alive. and there were some tense moments in a berkeley neighborhood this afternoon where a gas leak erupted in fire. it happened in a driveway near martin luther king, jr. way. fire crews confined the flames to the driveway. they had to wait for pg&e to
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shut off the gas before they could put out the flames. we have some numbers. a new report shows america's cup is going to pump a lot of money into the bay area. $780million. and it will create 5500 jobs to be exact. only problem, that is far less than the original projection. kpix 5's mike sugerman live at america's cup headquarters with more. >> reporter: i got good news and i got bad news, allen. and it's the same news. like everything else about the america's cup race, nothing is simple. sometimes half is good. half the calorie, half the fat, half the income? >> it's a great story. think it works to say it's good news. it's kind of spin in a way. >> reporter: half full, half empty. >> bringing in i think it's $780 million. i didn't believe $1.4 billion to begin with. >> reporter: america's cup' ceos steven barkley says $780 million, that's fantastic! supervisor john avalo says,
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yeah, but the original prediction was twice in a much $1.4 billion. >> thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars of benefit and not cost the city much if anything. >> if the organizing committee isn't able to raise the money, right now they haven't had a good record of it, it's going to be on the city's general fund to pay for. >> reporter: the city needs to pay between $20 million and $30 million and so far private fundraising has raised about $14 million. all those hundreds of millions of dollars being talked about is money that would be spent by visitors in the city. >> none of that money coming into the city they say is going to be spent will be spent at 29 commission. >> reporter: the 3300 club a bar in the city's outer mission. he is not the type of place america's cup visitors will spend money. it's off the beaten track. but if in fact the city has to pay for its part of the races, money meant for neighborhood services could be affected. >> we have to do the streets and do all the things that need to be done crime and all these
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things, you know, well, all the police is entertaining people out there doing nothing practically. >> reporter: nancy owned the 3300 club for 56 years. $14million, $15 million, that's a lot for city. for yacht owners? >> i think we should go down to oracle to larry and ask him to give the city a bunch of money so we don't lose money. >> reporter: that would be captain larry ellison who hasn't mentioned anything about such a donation. all right. the amount that the city is supposed to pay us is going down because now we only have 4 boats in the race. there were supposed to be 12. and allen, we have been talking about this for years. this is coming up. it starts in july! >> i know. >> reporter: for 55 days. that's soon! i mean, it's all of a sudden kind of dawned on me that we got 'em coming here. >> boom. here itms could, ready or not. all right, mike. thanks. here it comes, ready or not. looking for a place to
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rent? good luck. most places are out of reach for californians. they pack the landfill by the ton. not for long. the new purpose for old shingles. >> dodgers caps in san francisco city hall? obviously something is very wrong here. and we're not talking about the selection of music. >> mother nature's selection of seasons a little bit off. we're not even in spring yet and we had a summer-like feel with mid-50s and clouds for most of the day at the beach but you go inland, i'll tell you what you had temperatures 20, 25 degrees warmer. beautiful shot of the city. there's a look at san jose. find out when you may hit 80 in san jose. that's coming up.
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dodgers caps i members of the san francisco symphony took to city hall in dodgers caps in protest today. musicians are on the verge of
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striking next week because of a possible pay freeze. the dodgers hats represent higher wages made by musicians in the l.a. philharmonic orchestra. a strike would cancel the east coast tour. you would have to work more hours than there are in a day in you are making minimum wage to afford rent. don ford reports. >> reporter: the government defines affordable housing as costing less than a third of your income. but a new study is out that says california's average two- bedroom apartment is now more than $1,300. and for that to be affordable, your full-time job would have to pay $26.02 an hour. >> what if you don't make that much? what if you make minimum wage? well, that's where the numbers really get grim. >> reporter: to afford the same
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apartment, the household would have to include 3.3 minimum wage earners working 40 hours a week year round. or a single person making $8 an hour would have to work 130 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. >> obviously that's not realistic. you can't work more than 24 hours in a day and nobody does so what that means is that families are struggling to get by. they are spending much, much more than 30% of their income towards the rent. >> reporter: shelter, inc., is an organization that helps find housing for people in contra costa county who end up on the street. people like jenna weathers and heather aguilar who couldn't make rent despite working two or three minimum wage jobs. how many people do you know of who are only spending one-third of their income on their housing? >> i don't know anybody. everybody is losing housing. there's no -- you can't afford living like that. it's impossible. >> reporter: heather was working three jobs when she got pregnant. she actually had to choose
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between having an apartment or her son. >> it was really hard actually. down to almost giving birth. i was really questioning whether i was going to keep him or not because i couldn't afford it. >> reporter: that's a terrible choice to have to make? >> it was a really hard choice. >> reporter: the situation is bad and only getting worse. the numbers show the gap between the haves and the have nots is widening leaving many with no place to go. in concord, john ramos, kpix 5. unfortunately, it is expensive but one reason, look outside. >> our weather is spectacular. >> our climate is i think second to none in the country. part of the reason why companies locate here why people want to move here. call one of your friends back in north texas or kentucky and ask them how winter is going. then tell them what we have around here. there's a reason why people like to come here to visit and like to stay. here's a look at san jose. silicon valley, looking very, very warm today. mid-70s for you.
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it will be five degrees warmer tomorrow. topping the list today would be concord and livermore add napa. mid-70s today. beautiful day outside. oakland cooler 68. san francisco cooler downtown, 65. and check out the coast. it only hit 55 degrees at half moon bay so a 21-degree temperature spread between our inland locations and at the coastline. i checked this out. did a little number crunching. the average first 80-degree day over the past three days in santa rosa it's early april. all three of you, san jose, livermore and santa rosa may hit 80 tomorrow. in mid-march. something crazy is going on. we have a ridge of high pressure which is in the perfect location not only to keep us dry, that's the easy part. the hard part is getting the wind direction to be exactly where it needs to be to get us that offshore wind. it happens in the fall not as often in the springtime but it's in the perfect location to give us very warm weather tomorrow. now, as soon as thursday, things begin to change. high pressure will sink to the south. the ridge will flatten if you
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will. we get more of a zonal or west to east -- we'll stay dry but it won't be as warm. the peak of the heat will be tomorrow. we'll be normal after that but temperatures will be dropping down. so look at san jose tomorrow. 80 degrees. that's 13 degrees above average. also, 13 degrees above average for concord. and oakland, you will hit 74 degrees tomorrow. livermore 79. napa you're going to hit 80. downtown san francisco 70. fairfield 81 degrees. warmest weather since early november coming up for you tomorrow. about 4 degrees cooler on thursday and friday, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine near the bay. weekend pleasant, 70s. next week cooling down but each of the next seven days dry and above average for mid-march. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is in the oakland hills tonight. tell us about something else in the skies, we have a comet. >> reporter: good evening. we are above the 580 freeway here in the eastern portion of the bay area taking a spanning view of a very hazy santa clara
6:17 pm
valley. currently in oakland it's 67 degrees. winds fluctuating at 10 miles an hour from the southwest. i think you saw haze to the south. then over in this direction towards the west, we can see over the oakland coliseum, home your oakland as, and then further on towards the ocean you see the skyline of san francisco. and that indeed is where most people will have their eyes this evening at sunset because tonight is the prime viewing for one of three comes that will be visible in the northern hemisphere this year. its name is the "pan-starrs." it was discovered back in january of 2011 in hawaii, but this year promises to be brighter than ever before. if you want to take a peek, you need an uncluttered sky. so really great visibility. and take a peek towards the western horizon. that's the west where the coast
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is. about 30 to 40 minutes after sunset. about twilight so that's about 7:49 roughly. so take a good peek but i really do advise you coming to a grassy knoll in oakland or just get some elevation so you will be able to see over the very deep deck of clouds, fog lining the seashore. we were able to see that comet a couple of days ago if the southern portion of the united states. and also about a week ago in hawaii and mexico. but it promises to be brighter than ever before right here in the bay area. if you want more information, all you have to do is visit us online at reporting from oakland from mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. so what do you do with a used roof? shingles used to go to the landfill by the ton. now all that waste will soon get a second life. >> kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay
6:19 pm
bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. we'll keep you posted on planning for the big day.
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that comes with a big price tag - and a big mess. replacing it is one of those home repair jobs that comes with a big price tag and a big mess. replacing your roof. but now, all those used shingles won't be heading to a landfill. as kpix 5 reporter don ford explains, you will be driving on them. >> reporter: with spring weather here, contractors around the bay area are rapidly replacing roofs. hundreds of them every day. that's a lot of roofs. in marin county alone there are 48,000 tons of asphalt roofing shingles removed every year.
6:22 pm
where does it all go? usually here in the landfill. roofer brian mclaren says all those old shingles got to go somewhere. >> we are the single largest contributors to the landfill. if we could start diverting roofing material it would be huge. >> reporter: the sanitary service working with the company in oakland is starting a pilot project called roofs to roads. now the old asphalt shingled could end up here. they would be ground up and used as an additive to new asphalt instead of the dump. nick minton of the sanitary service says about time. they have been doing it for 25 years back east and we're finally catching on. >> reporter: asphalt shingle recyclers say they are studying the new mixture. so far the recycler says the tests on private roads looks good. in marin county, don ford, kpix 5. >> coming up in our next half hour, we have our first puff of
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smoke above the sistine chapel but what's really going on inside? >> the answer is, follow the money. >> money politics and prayer. a behind-the-scenes look at how a pope is elected and how this conclave could change the future of the church. >> i just jumped out of the car to get the girls in the back. and everything was -- >> every parent worries about getting his child into a car seat but what about getting him out? the product that some call a lifesaver and why it's not being used.
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are spending the night about 300 yards away from the sistine chapel... at the vatican's santa now at 6:30. the cardinals are spending the night about 300 yards away from the sistine chapel. they vote again tomorrow. earlier they did not elect a pope on their very first try. the vatican has made clear it didn't expect a pope on the first ballot. >> if it's clear to the cardinals that the leading candidates so-called don't have the numbers they will look for others. >> the cardinals are divided over the problems of the church
6:27 pm
and who best among them could fix the issues. following the resignation of pope benedict xvi. now, cardinals can choose a status quo or make a change. >> kpix 5's ann notarangelo with the papal politics happening behind the closed doors. >> reporter: the sign a pope was not yet elected wasn't a surprise. the cardinals in many respects are just learning the papal selection process. >> this reveals who the favorite sons were, the major blocs in the college of cardinals all 115 of them. >> reporter: michael russo with saint mary's college has attended papal selects since 1969. >> it is the most important election in my lifetime flex to john xx iii because it will either ratify vatican ii or we have gone to a new page. >> reporter: will the church continue with reform as it did with vatican ii? who decides? italy, u.s., germany and india have the most cardinals in the conclave. so does that mean national
6:28 pm
national is going to play a -- nationality is going to play a key role? >> it does. years ago i marveled looking at st. peter's square and noticing the different national groups came with contingents and plenty of, you know, placards almost like a national political convention. >> reporter: so who amongst the cardinals welds the most power? >> follow the money. clearly those cardinals who represent the strongest contributors to the holy see have more clout. therefore, the americans have more clout. >> reporter: but don't expect to see an american pope, although americans are mentioned among the frontrunners. the priest says the cardinal votes are voted by prayer and pragmatism. >> there are two criteria. one, the guys most like me, or, the guys that give you the least trouble. that's a human response to any election. >> reporter: the election at the vatican is a mystery but in many ways, it's no different than when we vote in an election. we're influenced by information
6:29 pm
but also emotion. >> once the door of the conclave closes and they're in the sistine chapel, all of our prognostications go nowhere. because that's where the politics are taking place not outside. >> reporter: ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> father mike's prediction is that we are going to know who the next pope is thursday morning. he thinks it will be archbishop angelo scola from italy. father mike admits he has a poor track record picking popes. this morning san francisco's archbishop salvatore cordileone hosted a special mass at saint mary's in honor of the start of the conclave. catholics attended excited about the historic moment. >> i'm so excited. i mean, it's such a wonderful time to be catholic. >> it's exciting to have somebody new and fresh and to see which direction they are going to go to. >> a new cbs news poll says most catholics surveyed are looking for a change. most are looking for a younger pope with new ideas. for the past several years,
6:30 pm
a lot of americans have been wondering why lawmakers in washington can't get together for something like a conclave. well, after dinner with republicans last week, president obama took a trip to capitol hill today. cbs reporter tara mergener on what he hopes to accomplish. >> reporter: president obama arrived on capitol hill for lunch with senate democrats. he is reaching out to lawmakers hoping to bring them closer to a budget deal. on the other side of the capital, congressman paul ryan unveiled the house republican budget plan. he says it will balance the budget in 10 years without raising taxes. it requires future medicare patients to pay more and scrap the president's healthcare reform law. >> we want to prevent this law which we believe will damage families in america. >> reporter: democrats say there are cost savings in the healthcare law. >> it is an absolute hoax to say on the one hand that you're
6:31 pm
balancing your budget and on the other hand, that you're eliminating obamacare. >> reporter: senate democrats will deliver their own budget wednesday. they argue ryan's plan to overhaul the tax code will hurt the middle class. >> sadly, you're going to eliminate the most basic income tax deductions for working families. >> reporter: the president is working to help lawmakers find some common ground. but republican senator jim inhoff says the two sides are too far apart for these meetings to make a difference. >> the term of personality and intimate relations is one thing but it won't bridge the gap. >> reporter: the president will be on the hill wednesday and thursday to try to bridge the gap. tara mergener for cbs news, capitol hill. a senate panel has approved a democratic bill expanding federal background checks to nearly all gun purchases. it's a victory for the
6:32 pm
president in a fight to toughen gun laws but it faces difficult odds. today's vote in the judiciary committee was along party lines. >> why would anybody, then, think that they would comply? >> the bill explicitly says there is no registration. explicitly says no confiscation. >> also today, the senate judiciary committee postponed a vote until thursday on a proposal to ban assault weapons. prosecutors in colorado say that they will reveal next month whether they will pursue the death penalty against james holmes. the man is accused in last year's deadly movie theater shooting. he was in court today. the judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf after defense attorneys said they weren't ready to enter a plea. the judge said holmes will be able to change his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity if he chooses to do so. twin children almost killed in a car fire. and there is a product that could have prevented the near disaster. how it works and why it's not on the market. >> and some are calling it the
6:33 pm
greatest hoodie ever made. the bay area company that is too successful for its own good.
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kaiserpermanente. thrive. highway 92 reopened around 4 this afternoon.. after a modular home fell off its trailer and closed the roadway in both for about 3 highway 92 reopened about 4 chock this afternoon after a modular home fell off its trailer around 4:00 closing both sides of the road for three hours. the trailer driver says he lost control and when the home fell and a truck ran into it. it happened near skyline boulevard. both vehicles were towed. nobody was hurt. children's car seats can save lives but a family from the midwest says the seats almost killed their little daughter when a fire broke out in the car. now as kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, they are calling or car seat
6:36 pm
makers to make a change. >> reporter: every time amy and kent put their identical 14- month-old twins in the car, they remember the day last month that their car seat straps almost became deadly restraints. >> something hit the undercarriage of our vehicle and when i looked back i saw flames. i just jumped out of the car to get to the girls in the back and everything was in flames. >> reporter: amy could only partially unbuckle one of the girls before her jeans caught fire and she had to jump out. >> i was straddling. >> reporter: her husband kent struggled to unbuckle both girls as the flames spread through the car. >> there are no options. we were getting out. >> reporter: and they did just seconds before the car exploded. >> it was amazing to see them out of the burning car. >> reporter: amazingly, no one was hurt and that's when amy began searching the web where she found a patented quick release system that works by pulling a handle at the top of the seat. >> this frees the shoulder harness. the belts then easily slide through the belt holders
6:37 pm
instantly and completely releasing the child from the seat. >> reporter: to amy's shock the straps aren't actually on the market. and she is now writing to car seat manufacturers demanding change. >> it was horrifying and to just be outside and to watch my husband with those two girls in that burning cars it was awful and there needs to be a change. >> reporter: the quick release straps were invented by a georgia dentist following a similar incident in 2009. but car seat manufacturers tell him they are not interested in installing them because they are not required by law. he says they would cost about $3 to $5 per seat and the manufacturers we contacted have not returned our requests for comment. julie watts, kpix 5. a brisbane clothier that's bursting at the seams. their secret to being almost too successful. >> if you thought it was warm outside today, and it was, mid- 70s for some of you, wait until you see my forecast highs for tomorrow. find out how warm we're going to get.
6:38 pm
we'll take an early preview of your weekend forecast coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the 49ers lose one of the their big weapons. >> wait until you see what happened. >> it's going to be all work no play for the cal bears in las vegas. >> hotel room in l.a. is the same as a hotel room in vegas. >> why a sports anchor will be suiting up for the as this season. >> oh!! >> dive right in in just a few minutes.
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francisco company is too popular for its own good: it can't keep up with business! david jackson on what's so special one san francisco company is just too popular with its own company it can't keep up with business. david jackson on what's so special about the greatest hoodie ever made. >> reporter: it's a remarkable story of explosive growth. last year they launched american giant a clothing company built around a hoodie sweatshirt but once the public and media outlets tried it out, american giant became giant overnight. >> the demand took us by surprise and we're addressing that. i think what we're doing from a marketing perspective is focusing on existing customers willing to wait three months
6:42 pm
for the hoodie making sure they are happy and getting what they need hearing the right message. >> reporter: the message is, you have to wait three months for a sweatshirt bought online that is of such high quality at a good price that you don't mind waiting. american giant is trying to meet all its orders but their bold experiment is paying off. they build a shirt from american cotton and american fabric sewn in san francisco that still delivers a $79 sweatshirt. >> the american partners that we were able to find were actually able to deliver better quality, lower minimums, faster lead times than what we were able to find overseas. so yeah, we -- it was a pleasant surprise for us. >> reporter: american giant has surprised the business community with growth 300% above expectations last year and a whopping 500% more expected this year. the firm is literally bursting
6:43 pm
at the seams needing for space and more seamstresses for the shirts. i can't believe this super heavy cotton. shipped here by carolina cotton works raised for the american giant label. prepare to wait for the order while the employees wait to imagine what comes next. >> the sky's the limit here. i mean, we can be the next big thing. >> reporter: in san francisco, david jackson, kpix 5. >> we checked online and all sweatshirts are on back order until the end of the month at the earliest. there is more evidence pointing toward the possibility of long-ago life on mars according to rock samples connected by curiosity rover. it found key chemicals indicating that microbe might have called the planet home. it's collected a few yards away from where it found a previous discovery. life on earth is good with
6:44 pm
the nice weather. >> life was excellent today, wasn't it? >> beautiful. >> can't beat it. you can't beat this. chicago 37, minneapolis 29 with a foot of snow on the ground. it's still winter for some parts of the country. it is still winter. but for us, hello, early summer, maybe? 80 degrees coming up for some of you tomorrow? what a gorgeous view presunset because now the sun isn't going down until 7:14. i hope you sprung forward over the weekend. that's the view from mount vaca. this is the view it the coastline. the cloud cover has already come back. the low clouds are coming back. you'll get much more sunshine tomorrow as the winds turn 60 shore. 70s in concord. 58 downtown san francisco. in between we find oakland at 65, and san jose currently 68 degrees. not as cold tonight. mid-40s for new concord and napa and san rafael. redwood city 45. mountain view 47. this sets the stage for the
6:45 pm
warmest day since early november. it's been about 4.5 months since we have been this warm as tomorrow. dry too. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is completely dry and we are going to stay that way for a long time at least for the next seven days because a big ridge of high pressure is going nowhere and it's going to strengthen and get closer to us tomorrow. so what that means for you what to expect, high pressure is building in. it's going to be over top of us tomorrow inducing that offshore wind off land as opposed to the ocean so we are going to have temperatures tomorrow very toasty then we see a ridge moving south but that small change will make a big difference because at the coast that means cloud cover coming back with highs in the 60s and temperatures will drop from five to 10 degrees inland still above normal but not as warm as tomorrow. tomorrow will be the warm he was day since early november since before thanksgiving. we'll stay warm inland through the weekend but the onshore flow means the morning fog and cooler temperatures near the bay and especially along the coastline. highs tomorrow, check it out,
6:46 pm
san jose 80s degrees, mid- march, folks. livermore 70. that's about 15 degrees above average. redwood city 76. fremont 77 tomorrow. campbell, morgan hill, gilroy, low 80s. 80 in walnut creek, napa. tri-valley 79. san rafael tomorrow sunshine and 75. alameda 73. even downtown san francisco you will hit 70 degrees tomorrow. we begin cooling off as the onshore flow comes back on thursday and friday. mid-70s inland and low 70s near the bay. we'll stay sunny and stay above normal all the way into next week. and look at all seven of those days. that shows me two things. one, a lot of sunshine and two, not a drop of rain. we have been talking about this possibility of a miracle march to get back the rainfall deficit? it's a miracle march because you're going to be really tan at the end of march. [ laughter ] >> it's not going to be a miracle march because of the rainfall. i don't see it. >> i took a risk, planned a
6:47 pm
garden, got some vegetables in. it's too early. now i have to water it! it's not too early. >> some folks are talking about sprinklers in march. typically not until april or may. this year got to do it early. >> chance of rain in april? >> april typically gets half the rainfall we see in march. so we typically get some rainfall in april but certainly not enough to put a dent in the deficit but sure is sunny. >> we're not done. >> thanks, paul. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
6:48 pm
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end delanie walker oh, it wasn't quite dewey beats truman but man, did i jump the gun on the future of 49ers tight end delanie walker. >> need to pay him and get him a new contract. >> delanie is a free agent after this evening but guarantee he will be back. >> two months after i said that he is going to tennessee after agreeing to a four-year, $17 million goal with the titans on the first day of nfl free agency. man, was it busy. walker spent 7 seasons with the 49ers and was once referred to as a swiss army knife by jim harbaugh because he was valuable in so many ways but you can't blame him for taking the payday. darrius heyward-bey has been received.
6:51 pm
the number 7 pick in the draft of 2009, he never lived up to the expectations. totaling just 11 touchdowns in four seasons, the move will save oakland $7 million. the raiders also released defensive back michael huff another former first round bust. also signed phillip wheeler to a five-year deal. he led the raiders in tackles last season and the eagles signed tuiasosopo to a deal and another player was signed away. the cbs free agency tracker is back by popular demand. dez bryant signs with cleveland for five years and $34. they are going nuts. check the sports page on for the very latest on nfl free agency. how about college hoops? cal the number 2 seed in the pac-12. the bears will play the winner of the use, utah matchup thursday night in las vegas and
6:52 pm
unlike most college kids, this isn't what happens in vegas that stays in vegas kind of trip. >> go to vegas or it could be anywhere as far as the tournament. >> i hope they're not frankly because that would be for the wrong reasons, wouldn't it? a hotel room in l.a. is the same as one in vegas, a basketball floor is the same floor. now, if you are starting to think about the other things, then you're not thinking about what you be thinking about. >> got it mix in a little fun. major league baseball has a in proposal to allow interpreters to accompany pitchers, coaches to the pitching mound. that means a television station in monterey might be in the market for a new sportscaster. >> he had one of the toughest jobs in the world as a u.s. marine in operation desert storm. then he put down his ak-47 for a microphone. >> we're here live at the csumb, big sur --
6:53 pm
>> reporter: mike was living his dream as a sports anchor and reporter for ksbw action news 8 in monterey. >> ksbw8, oh!! >> reporter: then came another dream job. this one as a translator. why did you decide that the as were a good fit for you? [ translation ] >> he always wanted to play on the west coast. it's always been one of his desires to play on the west coast and also oakland was the first time to contact him. >> reporter: he is spending spring training with the as as the mouthpiece for 37-year-old japanese pitcher hideki okajima. >> you're a sportscaster. i can't leave for a month at a time. how do you get out of it? >> since i'm only the weekend anchor, they were kind enough to give me this once in a lifetime opportunity and take a hiatus and they found someone to fill in.
6:54 pm
>> reporter: he got the job because he impressed the as in a previous stint about a translator. what's the hardest thing? >> to translate the spirit not just literal translation. >> reporter: your parents are asking you to take a second language? mike is a perfect reason why. how far would you like to get in sportscasting? >> as far as i can. i love it. it's fun. it's -- >> reporter: you don't want to go to san francisco, do you? >> no, no, no. i could never take your guys' place but it's a great job. it's the best job besides being here being a translatedder for the as, the next best job is a sportscaster. >> if major league baseball approves it he could have a full-time job as a translator in big leagues. >> plus the inside scoop. >> it's a job that's needed because in 2004 the mets had a pitcher from south korea and the pitching coach was rick
6:55 pm
peterson and he comes out to the mound and he says, he thinks he is speaking korean. he says, whatever you do, don't throw a strike. he goes back to the dugout and the pitcher throws a strike to chipper jones. it's a home run. and after the game the coach says, i don't think he understood my translation. >> lost in translation. >> exactly. >> there's no confusing when the coach comes out and says, give me the ball. >> yeah. they understand that. >> all right. >> good story. >> good luck to him. >> for now throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on >> back at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 right here. have a good night. captions by: caption colorado switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me!
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. thank you all for coming. welcome to "family feud" everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what, as usual, got another good one for you today. they're returning for the second day, already with a total of $20,000. straight out of kansas city, kansas, it's the newkirk family. and from seattle, washington it's the bridges family. let's go. give me dee ann, give me grady. let's go. [cheering and applause] folks, here we go. we've got the top 6 answers on the board. name something a woman has a hard time getting rid of. grady.
6:59 pm
[buzzer] >> husband. steve: a husband. >> yeah. steve: a husband. [cheering and applause] one answer top it, dee ann. >> her clutter or junk. steve: her clutter. [buzzer] pass or play? >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] davelle, how you doing? >> i'm doing good, mr. harvey. steve: what do you do, man? >> i'm a sales professional. i'm married to a wonderful wife named cynthia. i got 5 kids, and i'm here to win $20,000. steve: yeah, man, yeah. now, you're a salesman. what do you sell? >> cars. steve: cars? >> yes. steve: i'm a ford man. >> oh, you're a ford man? steve: yeah, i am. >> ford's a good product. steve: plus, they sponsor my show. >> oh, yeah. there it is. steve: and i used to work at ford. >> ok, all right. steve: i worked on the assembly line. >> assembly line, huh? steve: now they pay me to drive their truck. >> it come back around.

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